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DDS and SQL: The Winning Combination for DB2 for i

If your database is DDS-generated, you are not taking full advantage of DB2 on i. IBM’s Kent Milligan describes how the use of SQL with DB2 on i can ease staffing burdens, shorten development cycles, improve application performance, increase data integrity and get your database to do more of your work for you. Read it now >>


From DDS to SQL: How to fully exploit DB2 on i

IBM’s Mike Cain explains why modernizing most legacy databases with SQL can bring significant benefits to your company—and to you. He describes why SQL has become the IBM i standard for defining and accessing database objects, and how you can transform your DB2 for i objects incrementally without impacting your existing applications. View it here >>


Xcase Trial Edition

Experience the power of advanced DB design and modeling, created especially for SQL on i. Download now >>

Xcase Modernization Diagnostic

Find out exactly what’s involved with migrating your DDS database to SQL with this free Modernization Diagnostic Tool from Resolution Xcase. Get it free >>


RPG Native I/O vs. SQL

Paul Tuohy interviews Susan Gantner on her thoughts on using SQL vs. RPG's native I/O operations, such as READ, CHAIN, and WRITE, and which method performs the best. Listen here >>



Apples and Oranges?

lil appleNot at all!

DDS and SQL live in harmony when you use Xcase for modernization.

The Power of SQL

Modernize from DDS to DDL to get faster application response times, greater data integrity, SOA compatibility, advanced database functions and data types.Learn More...

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